Saturday, 3 February 2007

quarter of the way (weigh) through

This is day 25 of my Lighterlife journey and at the risk of sounding like a pompous wench who is destined for failure it's been relatively easy. Of course there have been days when I could happily skittle my kids out of the way and gorge their dinners, but as the saying goes, nothing tastes as good as slim feels :-)
I refuse to go and buy expensive clothes on my downward route, and have bought lots of cheap clothes and even as I type I'm wearing a pair of Tesco jeans in a size 12, it's a wonderful feeling (and not a painful one which would have been the case even 2 or 3 weeks ago!) I still want to lose at least another 2 stone, probably 3, and have no idea what dress size that would make me but as I haven't been a size 10 since I was about 13 that would be my ideal. I lost weight after I had my 3rd child and was about a stone lighter than I am now, but a completely different shape as I was only a size 14. Conceiving my delightful 4th child put paid to being a 12 that time and I am ashamed to say it's taken my 6 years to get my head round properly losing weight again. I have probably tried every diet known to woman, and am sure I'm not alone, with relative successes. But having always hovered around a size 16/18 this feels (and looks!) good. I have also upped my exercise levels and I know this has helped, it's all a tad more toned than before. My rather wonderful husband is committed to me having a tummy tuck and a boob lift (think spaniels ears) when I'm ready and in 2 stones time I will be! I will be taking advice from my surgeon on what else I could have done, if I still have the bingo wings will probably opt for a bit of lipo. I'm not obsessed and don't plan to turn into a Barbie girl, but having spent pretty much all of my adult life being extremely unhappy with my physical appearance then when I reach my target I really want to love the way I look.
So I have 75 more days to go (for those of you not familiar with the diet, it's 100 days of abstinence, consuming the nutritionally (apparently)balanced food packs in the form of shakes and soups and then foods are brought back in gradually) so just over 10 weeks, and if I can lose 3lbs a week I will have achieved the 2 stone target. Anything more will be a bonus. I will then move into the next stage of the programme to lose the final stone. The past 25 days have flown by and as I have lots of things to look forward to (my husband in planning a party for my birthday, birthday was on Thursday, party is in 2 weeks. I know I can enjoy myself surrounded by lots of my wonderful friends, don't need food and booze to have a ball. I'm going to Amsterdam at the end of March with a couple of friends for a weekend, and at Easter we plan to take the children to Italy for a week.) I know the next 75 should too. I'm hoping my other half will take time off in the summer to go somewhere a bit more exotic and I can swan round in a bikini for the first time in about 25 years!
No idea how to finish so will just bugger off and have a bath!

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